PDG Team

Learn more about PDG’s leaders and their background:

President / CEO

George L. Powell

As the founding member of PDG, George has brought his strength and capacity for design, technology, and management to the field of architecture. Establishing Powell Design Group to offer clients exceptional quality and detail-oriented architectural services, George has been setting the bar in the architecture community for over thirty years.

Principal / Corporate Office Director

Maureen "Mo" Cardin

With over thirty years of experience in the architectural/engineering field, Mo has become a valuable asset for the financial, operational, and business management of PDG.

Principal / Project Director

Philip Rapalje

Philip has fifteen years of experience in the architectural field and has worked on a wide variety of project types and sizes. He is passionate about his work and is well adept with design and construction. His knowledge of how to effectively assemble construction documents plays a large role in the success of each project he is involved with.

Additional PDG Team Members

PDG’s team also includes: